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Introduction and Overview
Introduction and Overview

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Welcome to!

Below are some resources to help you learn more and get started on Please feel free to reach out to the team with any questions!

For technical support, please reach out via the in-app help chat.

What is ( is hosted by the dYdX Operations Services Ltd, a Cayman Entity established to run a front-end and deploy an indexer for the dYdX Chain. The dYdX Chain is a standalone open-source blockchain software based on the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Proof-of-stake consensus protocol. It features a fully decentralized, off-chain orderbook and matching engine capable of scaling to orders of magnitude more throughput than any blockchain can support Features

Perpetuals on dYdX Chain -

  • Perpetuals trading with up to 20x leverage

  • 33 Markets Offered

  • For a complete list of supported pairs, please visit



  • Tech support via in-app help chat:

  • For additional help articles, check out our help center -

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